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Pro Tip: Use These 3 NYFW Marketing Strategies to Boost Audience Engagement

3 Fashion Brand Marketing Strategies at #NYFW

Earlier this week, we discussed fashion brands’ drastic (and exciting) shift toward user-generated content. The transition marks a decisive move by the fashion industry in embracing influencers and community engagement. And why not? The fashion blogger market is perhaps the most prolific and talented influencer group on the web.

So with the runaway (runway?) success of fashion brand community activation, we ask: how do you take advantage of the strategies used at New York Fashion Week?

STEP 1: Live Stream

michael kors fashion week stream nyfw

Why?: It’s important to make your fans feel like they are part of your event or show. Behind-the-scenes access and live streams provide a sense of inclusion and exclusivity that will engage your community, perfectly suited for major events.

NYFW Inspiration:

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STEP 2: Engage Social Media Community


  1. Dedicate hashtags to your products.
  2. Generate interest on social leading up to your show / launch.
  3. Repost user-generated content and empower followers.
  4. Engage all of your Social Media outlets with tailored content (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Youtube, etc.)

NYFW Inspiration: 

STEP 3: Involve your Fans/ Followers

fashion influencers nyfw


  1. Promote involvement with contests and discussions.
  2. Use contents or run campaigns to find influencers to tout your brand.

NYFW Inspiration:

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