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New Launch: (Capsule) Show’s ‘We Are The Market’ And Mobile Site

It’s a new season for BPMW’s Capsule Show. The trade event has released two new updates this year with the help of Tidal: a glamorous online guidebook, and integrated sister content site, titled We Are The Market. Together, BPMW and Tidal have woven together these two new platforms for event updates, design inspiration, collaboration and community posts.

Capsule Show is a one-of-a-kind fashion and lifestyle trade show that takes place twelve times a year, around the globe. In previous years, detailed brand guidebooks were printed for attendees to carry with them as they navigated their way from designer to designer. “We really liked the process,” explained BPMW co-founder Minya Quirk, “but it became a little bit archaic.” This year, the printed guidebook was replaced with a sleek, comprehensive mobile resource, available on any smartphone.

The new mobile site gives Capsule participants a simple, light-touch tool that organizes and curates the latest updates for each Capsule event—whether it’s in New York, Berlin or Paris. Participants have access to brand profiles, and all relevant event information—from hotel guides to city maps to brand overviews—in the palm of their hands. Brands can be sorted by city, alphabetically, and saved as favorites.

Along with those features is access to We Are The Market, a new designer news section. There, brands can post updates on their latest collections, releases and events. “What we really want to do is to create interaction with the Capsule community 365 days a year,” Quirk explained.


While the previous guidebooks were a static inventory of trade show events, We Are The Market allows for constant updates. Now in its beginning stages, the site acts as a home for the world’s top men’s fashion brands—both established and just emerging—to promote their news.

“People can preview sales on our site. It has brought attention to brands and they’re excited to collaborate,” says Obi Anyanw, menswear blogger and former Capsule blog editor. We Are The Market “gives everybody an opportunity to stay in touch, explore what like-minded brands are doing,” says Quirk. “Our show has always been known for having a great networking vibe so if this can take it online, that’s great.” All posts are organized by season and category—menswear, lifestyle, accessories—making it easy to search through community updates.

Going forward, Capsule hopes to utilize Tidal’s behind-the-scenes interactive functionality to further engage participants. “The ability to create, and then interact with a group is really appealing because community is the name of our game. Staying in constant contact with our 1,000-plus designers scattered across the globe is quite important and has been an area of difficulty in the past” commented Quirk. Previously, the BPMW team had to manually gather stories from participants through e-mail. Now, the process will be streamlined through the Tidal dashboard. “Tidal is a natural aggregator,” summarized Quirk. “the ease with which members can signup, and then contribute directly from their own blogs, is quite appealing.”

With a fresh new face and great updates coming in every day, the Capsule shows have extended to the online realm.

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