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Introducing our new Tidal channel: The Lucky Community!

Tidal is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new community-driven site for style seekers!

Introducing the Lucky Community, the new home of personal style for women everywhere.
After getting some great press in Mashable, Folio, and Adweek, this new site is the perfect place for anyone to post about the personality behind their fashion. The Lucky Community is the first Tidal site to have different sections, viewable through the drop-down “Topics” link, where bloggers can publish posts about anything from hair ideas to nail art!
Lucky’s editor in chief, Brandon Holley, said the new Community site recognizes that readers want to hear from their peers as well as from editors.
“Top-down only takes you so far,” she said, “This allows for much bigger growth.”
Before coming to Lucky, Holley built up a huge online community at Shine, the women’s site she started for Yahoo.
“This is the way for us to bubble up new voices,” Holley said, “It’s also a way to start listening to new voices – and those new voices can make their way into the magazine, absolutely.”
The new Lucky Community is the best way to share your outfit and beauty tips with fellow style junkies, and all new signups can start submitting posts immediately!
If you have style to spare and share, sign up here to become a Lucky contributor.


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