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Closing out 2014 and bringing more opportunity to creators in 2015

Closing out 2014 and bringing more opportunity to creators in 2015

With the new year quickly approaching, all of us at Tidal plan on marking the next step in the creator-first era. In 2015, the building uproar of influencer voices will reach a fever pitch, finally drowning out the outdated “Mad Men” model of advertising. So hold on to your hats, folks, and join us in ringing in a new beginning. We’re about to make some noise.

Tidal’s Going Big in 2015, Here’s What to Expect

As consumers begin to discover, the best ideas come from passionate individuals, not agency strategists. Millennials can sniff-out ad copy from a mile away, and the $210 billion per year spent on traditional advertising is no longer reaching an increasingly distracted public.

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Enter Tidal. We’ve always been about individual creativity, and we’re going to be embracing this in new ways that empower individuals and allow them to capture audiences like never before. The product of months of planning and head-down-hard-work is our brand new Creator-First Marketplace. Currently in beta, the platform is getting ready to launch at this very moment.

Imagine a world where you want to watch ads. Where art, advertising, & audience are brought together in a positive way. And creativity is valued again.

By flipping the way advertising works and putting individuals first, we’re empowering creators to post their great ideas and have brands choose which ones to bring to life. The result? Advertising and marketing campaigns that are more original, authentic and appealing to real people.

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We’re seeing signs of this new “Creative-first” era with the campaigns by publishers like Vox and Buzzfeed, and agencies like Maker Studios and Fullscreen. And if you haven’t noticed, brands are starting to look a lot more like publishers these days; they aren’t just buying distribution or creative, but campaigns that include both. Now take these same ideas, bring them to marketplace scale, and BOOM—you’ve got something special (onomatopoeia, aside).

So how can we top 2014, a year that already saw incredible strides?

Tidal in 2015: ‘More of Everything, Please’

In 2014, Tidal doubled in size. Our team expanded, we moved into a fantastic new space in SoHo, and we worked with some of the largest brands and publishers in the world on powering sites, campaigns, activations, and events (more importantly, we got a fish tank).

Our work with GQ / Simon Malls, Piperlime, Reynolds, and countless others is exciting in its own right, our network of prosumer creators is now 45k strong, and we’ve established relationships with some of the most prestigious publishers in the world. What can we say? It was a good year.

And yet, the future proves even brighter—our official marketplace launch is just on the horizon. So in 2015, be sure to keep a watchful eye on which way the tides are flowing.

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