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Tidal’s New Interactive Q&A Feature

Sci-Fi fans can now get a chance to interact with their literary heroes! Suvudu Universe just launched an ongoing campaign that leverages a brand new Tidal feature, which allows community members to ask their most pressing questions of their favorite authors, editors, and other Sci-Fi experts.

Suvudu Universe Q+A

The new Q&A platform was built to give communities an even deeper connection to the content and creators they love. But this feature goes beyond submitting questions: the audience also has the ability to share and corral votes for their submissions. The questions with the most votes will be answered by the author on a dedicated date and time. This system ensures that the highest quality content will be created and delivered to the guest, and answered for the readers. The voting system encourages community editing, so the most interesting questions and most engaged users are put front and center. This also assures the creation of the best content possible for Suvudu Universe to share and save on their site for months to come.

First up for Suvudu is George R.R. Martin Editor, Anne Groell! Submit your questions and vote for your favorites to be answered live by Anne on May 29th from 3-4pm ET! The top 10 voted questions will be answered. Plus, the top three highest-voted questions submitted by registered users will be sent a prize pack of three of Anne’s books each!

Want to get your community more involved with their influencers? Get in touch today about Tidal Q&As and more!

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