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Bob Vila is the biggest name in home building, renovation and improvement. Bob learned building alongside his father and has spent his life helping teach others through thousands of TV episodes, a dozen books and now online. He truly is the dean of home repair.

Bob turned to Tidal when it was time to expand across the country. Bob Vila Nation features posts by hundreds of “housebloggers” renovating their own homes in small towns and big cities. At any time home renovators are refinishing woodwork, searching for the perfect paint, finishing a basement or dealing with finicky radiators. All the while they are sharing their tips, tricks, triumphs and trials with Bob Vila readers following along.

“As the most respected and well-known brand in the category, Bob Vila Nation creates a showcase where passionate and committed DIYers can share, learn, compare and show-off their home improvement projects… and grow their own audiences and fans, too.”

-Larry Bilotti, Executive Editor, Bob Vila

We’re excited to work with the Bob Vila team. Restoring old houses has a special place in Matt’s heart. He has a 1903 8-bedroom victorian in Philly that he continues to work on. He’re hoping he’ll get to meet Bob sometime!


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