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Biodiversity Breeds Brand Loyalty

Biodiversity Breeds Brand Loyalty Brand Marketing

It was pretty exciting to see Mattel announce that they are finally, finally doing something about updating Barbie’s annoyingly dated and cliched image of the “ideal” female as manifested in their dolls.

Sure, they’re of course decades behind and it’s clearly a brand marketing ploy in an effort to make up for decreasing sales, but hey! We’ll take it! The new curvy, petite, tall and various ethnic and racial dolls are available online now and will be in-store later in 2016.

Along the same brand marketing vein, Dove gets celebrated for their “Real Beauty” campaigns, which, when it first came out really was strikingly innovative. But let’s take a step back for a sec, shall we: Isn’t it kind of sad that it’s remarkable for a brand to use REAL-LOOKING people? We’d love to see more and more brands adopt more representative images of ALL populations in their advertising campaigns, just, well, because that’s what we all look like.

Our network here at Tidal Labs is comprised of tens of thousands of individuals: real people who create real, relatable content. More and more we’re working with brands – such as recent campaigns we’ve done with Old Navy and Gap Factory – that are asking for increased diversity in shape, size, and color amongst the influencers we match them with. Because they get it.

Brand Loyalty Marketing

When you diversify your message, more people are willing to listen to it, more people place your brand in their consideration set, and ultimately, more people place your product in their shopping cart.It’s not rocket science: it’s how the world looks; it’s how the world works.

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