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Community Roundup: Yuku, Ning, and Tidal

As the second post in our new Roundup series, today we’re taking it a step up, from just simple blogging to online community platforms including us, Tidal! Some serve as a collection of individual blogs and bloggers, some just aggregate people looking to talk, but either way people are gathering online around their interests!




“A social universe of communities united by people and their passions.”

Yuku lets anyone create a site for a community of their own – for free! Community members have their own profiles with social networking features that let you share blog posts and pictures. You can customize the HTML to make your site more beautiful, but the default settings look pretty plain.

The sites seem to function mainly as forums for people to get together and talk/comment on different topics, making the main pages all text and no pictures. You also can’t customize your community’s URL, it needs “” at the end, but after all it is free!


The Official Cher Community

O.A.R. Fans Official Fan Community




“Unlock the power of your community.”

Anyone with a desire for a community can create a Ning site on their own with a monthly plan. They have a site design platform that mimics Blogger, yet here you can aggregate the input and comments of others and build a fanbase. You can organize events and have forums, all with social integration. Ning exists between Yuku and Tidal, allowing any user to generate both content and communities in certain interests, or essentially a personalized social network.

The platform seems to work best for bands looking to connect with their fans. They’re able to properly promote themselves and keep people involved in upcoming tours and new album releases. Just this month Ning launched the ability for users to display ads on their sites, along with more customized content capabilities.


Plain White T’s

Toms Campus Programs


Tidal (us!)


“Online influencers are the new media.”

At Tidal, we create social publishing sites for publishers and brands who want access to a community of bloggers with a common interest. The bloggers who were already writing about music or home improvement join our different communities and contribute their awesome posts to be seen by a larger, more interested audience.

Where Ning functions as a company site or blog with the social aspect of community comments, Tidal sites are 100% community, with all posts coming from contributors looking for people to read what they’re writing.


Bob Vila Nation

Sony PopMarket Backstage

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