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Finding micro-influencers that are right just for you – using AI for influencer discovery

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From its start in 2009 Tidal Labs has been dedicated to helping brands build and manage networks of authentic creators. The right micro-influencers can consistently communicate authentic messages that resonate with consumers. To help our partners find the right creators to share their message, we created TalentSpider, a machine-learning tool that unearths micro-influencers who match that brand’s specific demographic, psychographic, and performance needs.

TalentSpider crawls across the social web to find blogs with relevant keywords. Then it identifies the linked social accounts and builds rich cross-platform profiles of the influencer. There are many advantages to this approach, starting with fact that blogs are explicitly and eternally public facing. People who create blogs have identified themselves as serious creators looking to establish their voice and build a community around it. And besides, bloggers tend to produce in-depth content and maintain loyal audiences who have targeted interests. For brands, blogs even provide unparalleled access to potential customers by feeding content directly into their email inbox. In today’s ever-changing social media world, bloggers are only becoming more and more valuable, as their well-rounded skills like producing high quality images and composing unique review articles can keep them relevant despite the turbulence.

Most important, TalentSpider is designed to help brands find micro-influencers who are truly tailored to their needs. Starting with an initial list of influencers that a brand likes, TalentSpider searches across the web for similar creators. The brand rates how much it likes each new-found blog, and TalentSpider then learns from this feedback to return more and more relevant blogs that cater to the brand’s preference. For example, we had a client that needed local-language creators living in Nordic countries. We didn’t have these micro-influencers in our opt-in database, so we put TalentSpider on the problem. In under an hour, our TalentSpider was reliably surfacing high-quality Swedish and Finnish creators who spoke about relevant subjects in their native tongues.

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Compared with other platforms that operate from a database of available influencers, our partners will never be restricted to a limited pool of people. They have the opportunity of working with any relevant influencer, even ifshe or heis under the radar and has never worked with us before.TalentSpideralso makes sure that brands are not just working with influencers who any other brand can activate at the same time. Brands do not need to compete for a limited pool of influencers who might have already endorsed their competitors.With a platform like ours, they are equipped to develop unique networks of brand ambassadors who fit their specific needs.

TalentSpider’s algorithm identifies high quality creators by analyzing posting activities, content alignment, topicality, and several other factors. So far, TalentSpider has proven to perform very well in practice. In addition to finding lifestyle bloggers in Scandinavia, TalentSpider has been used to find beauty bloggers with curly hair, food bloggers with a family focus, Asian-American beauty bloggers – all within a matter of hours.

With this update, Tidal Labs adds yet another unique and powerful tool to our already world-class enterprise suite. The influencer marketing space is fast moving, and we are dedicated to keeping our solutions ahead of the curve.

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