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First-ever New Member Monday with Decoholic’s Melina Divani

Welcome to Tidal’s very first post in our New Member Monday series where we interview one of our favorite new contributors!


Melina Divani’s blog Decoholic is one of the most recent additions to Bob Vila Nation, a collection of our favorite home bloggers and experts. Her collection of interior design posts gets 180,000 pageviews per month!

She’s 31, from Greece, and has a BA in Finance and Accounting but right now she’s a stay-at-home mom with two little boys.

What first inspired you to create Decoholic? 

I created Decoholic because it was a good way to organize pictures and interior design ideas, it was a useful tool of mine (totally fixed to my needs).  When I had started I never expected to have even one visitor. So you can imagine how much I was impressed by seeing thousands of people visiting daily my blog. It’s so wonderful sharing what you love!


How did you hear about Bob Vila Nation?

I heard about Bob Vila Nation by an architect friend of mine and I loved it.
Tell us about your first design project. 
I remember when I was a child I had taken the colors of my mother and painted the door of my room. The door was white, so to me it sound like ideal canvas to create.  To my surprise when my mother saw it she just smiled and told me:  “It is really nice but please don’t try it with the rest of the doors.”  To be honest, I believe that then I was painting better than now. As Picasso said:  “Every child is an artist”

What’s your favorite room to decorate and why? 

All rooms in a house are important but I am mostly interested in the open plan kitchen-living room. I prefer open plan kitchens as they contribute to make the preparation of dinner a small fest, when the space is single.
What’s your favorite book or magazine on design? What about your favorite design site? 
My favorite magazine is Interior Design Magazine. I find amazing the site but my favorite one is lol. 
What inspires you?
I can only say, keep your eyes open and you will see that inspiration is everywhere. Nature, people, history, images. Everything has something to inspire me.
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