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Holiday Cookie Recipes From Our Finest Foodies

Tis the season for celebrating the holidays with family and friends. One way to get in the holiday spirit is to bake up some tasty treats to share with loved ones. We scoured the Tidal Network of 60,000 bloggers in search of some recipes. We weren’t disappointed in the great photos, content, or recipes we found. Whether you’re looking for some social media likes or just a new recipe to try out, take a hint from our foodie bloggers and try something new!

Ashton’s blog Something Swanky has lots of delicious treats to choose from. We’re eyeing this recipe for Cranberry Bliss Cookies.


This recipe for Coconut Peppermint Pretzel Bark by American Heritage Cooking is another we don’t want to miss. The mix of white and dark chocolate topped with candy canes and pretzels is the perfect holiday treat to enjoy and gift.


Macaroons are having a moment this year. You can’t go too far on social media without seeing these pretty treats. We love Jelly Toast’s holiday interpretation of this classic cookie and how they managed to add some chocolate in the mix: Chocolate Coconut M&M Macaroons.

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Another great holiday cookie recipe is this one for Chocolate Mint Kiss Cookies. Need we say more than chocolate and mint in one cookie? We found this post on the Epicurious site posted by the FoodFanatic.

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Possibly the most traditional holiday cookie is the gingerbread cookie. Jen makes these Snowy Gingerbread Christmas Trees too cute to pass up this season. The full recipe is on her blog Baked by an Introvert!


Looking to throw something new into your holiday dessert rotation? We can’t wait to try this German Mulled Wine Cake posted by newlywed couple, Julia and Peter we found on their blog Bavarian Epicure.


Sugar cookies are possibly the most fun cookie to decorate. Just as important as the decorating of the cookie, is the recipe itself. We’re excited to try this Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie recipe posted by Aimee on her blog Shugary Sweets.

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