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Influencer Posts of the Week

This week, our creators are getting into the summer groove with tips on dressing for heat, updating your home, and making the most of these warm months. Check out some highlights from our influencers, below!

The Advantages of Wearing Limited-Edition Clothes by Attire Club by Fraquoh and Franchomme on Details Network

Style is an aspect of life that is strongly correlated to individuality. Style, as opposed to fashion, is the expression of one’s inner being through his appearance. Fashion is composed by trends, by the so-called zeitgeist and by the clothes in themselves, while style is the way you make use of these elements in order to express yourself. (Read on!)

Spicy Cachaca and Watermelon Cooler by Beautiful Booze on DrinkWire

I recently became obsessed with cachaça and love using it in summer cocktails.  This cocktail screams summer with the use of watermelon! The watermelon adds a refreshing and tasty component to this drink.  While summer is heating up so is this drink with the addition of jalapenos. (Read on!)

Birkendaze by To Be Bright on Lucky Community

Basic outfits really are the bees knees. Here’s why: They always work. Whether you’re running errands or just flat out don’t give two cents worth of care into your outfit planning, you can rely on the good ole American go-to of a white tee & jeans. (Read on!)

Organic Blown Glass Pendant by Wablee on Rakuten Essential

Light touch. Organic Blown Glass Pendant is created by blowing clear glass into a structured wire frame, for a lantern-like effect that glows softly and subtly when paired with vintage-style bulbs. This damp-location-listed fixture is great for porches and patios, but also works well indoors.Blown by an actual human being and protected by a metallic wire frame, you can use these pendants around the house and be the coolest guy in the neighborhood. (Read on!)

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