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Influencer Posts of the Week

This week, influencers from around the world posted their top picks in fashion, home advice and more. This is our roundup of our fashion contributor posts from the week!

Concur the Arizona Heat with the Perfect Two-Piece Set
by Caitlin Lindquist on Fashion Indie

I hope you’re all having a great week. In this Arizona Summer heat a crop top and high-waisted shorts are a must. Basically anything that isn’t too tight and has some breathing room. Although I went to ASU for undergrad my body doesn’t seem to have a heat-memory… so I am just trying to get re-accustomed. (Read on!)

All Hopped Up On Whiskey
by The Alcohol Professor on DrinkWire

Innovation has not come easy to the American whiskey industry, and usually when it has, it has either been in terms of production technology (automation, the introduction of computers) or it has been disastrous (oh, Frost 8/80). When the craft distilling boom swept the country a beginning a few years ago, small boutique whiskey makers had to find a way to compete with the established macro-distillers, and unlike the craft brewing trend, they couldn’t position themselves as the better, more carefully made alternative since the big distillers have hundreds of years of experience and heritage and make an exceptionally high number of incredible whiskies. (Read on!)

10 Things Nobody Tells You about Buying an Older Home
by on Rakuten Essential

Buying a ‘fixer-upper’ for a house seems like a romantic proposition. Anyone who appreciates a good antique can understand the nostalgic appeal of an ancient home whose walls are filled with history. Older homes have amazing character traits and historical features that most new homes simply do not have. (Read on!)

Good Comics at the Comic Shop July 9
by Comics Worth Reading on Suvudu Universe

Here’s what I recommend appearing today at your local comic shop.

Boom! Studios‘ Lumberjanes #4 ($3.99) introduces some key new characters. After the girls run into a yeti (a yeti! fulfilling the mystical creature quota this issue), they are helped by the Scouting Lads, who are too good to be true. The crazy fun adventures continue as the mystery deepens, so don’t expect all the answers here, but it’s a fine place to join the ride. It’s by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, and Brooke Allen. (Read on!)

Soy Sauce Poached Chicken
by Rosemary Mullally on Epicurious Community Table

2 years ago when we were in this apartment, I would frequent a small butcher shop down the street.  For old times sake I decided to pay him a window shopping visit and, refusing to consider the duck parts still awaiting attention in the apartment freezer, bought a little chicken.  There was NO chicken in my freezers, NONE.  Just a lot of duck and sundry. (Read on!)

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