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Introducing the Tidal Application Platform

We’ve got a lot of experience building enterprise software for the media, advertising, and publishing industries. The digital age has made these industries exciting and dynamic — and by “exciting and dynamic”, I mean “evolving more quickly than anyone can keep up with”. Our customers’ needs are constantly changing, and we pride ourselves in being nimble enough to keep up with them.

That flexibility doesn’t come without its downsides — while our product is beautiful and powerful, it’s become a Swiss army knife. It’s not a product with one clear value proposition, it’s a product with five clear value propositions! We’ve decided it’s time to start building individual highly focused, sharp and incisive products for the industries we care about.

This year, we’re taking our battle-tested tech and turning it into an enterprise-grade application and product development platform. Because we’re already experts on the Tidal Application Platform, we can build full, sophisticated, enterprise products in a matter of months rather than years. I’m not talking about prototypes, either. Our platform handles the backend business logic, entity management, channel management, infrastructure, security and scale — literally several engineer-years of development we get to skip any time we build a new product. What we get to focus on is the  product and what makes it unique.

This new-found ultra-agility means we’ll be able to build a new suite of products focused on several niche industries we feel are underserved: influencer management, brick-and-mortar retail event management, ad agency tools, and a few others we’d love to help bring into the future.

These types of industries are underserved because they’re not billion-dollar opportunities. Venture-backed startup companies won’t focus on them because there’s not enough money to be had, and the tools that do exist are either built in-house at great expense, or a tangential offering from a large company, or amateurish. Only a small percent of <$100M markets actually have really great companies building quality software.

There are so few trusted, reputable companies building quality tools that serve smaller markets. But we’ve been granted the superpower to build great products for a fraction of the cost — so it’s time to start building. Keep a look out for more exciting news throughout 2016!

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    By: Burak Kanber

    Burak is an entrepreneur and software engineer with 17 years of experience.

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