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New York Fall Fashion Week ’18 Happy Hour

We start every Autumn by throwing a fashion week happy hour in our Soho office. We do it to bring our community of influencers and brand marketers into our workspace so we can all share ideas and best practices. It’s also a great excuse to dress up a little fancy and enjoy some wine and cheese with interesting people.

This year we had an especially good turnout, which was super convenient because we had way too much wine and cheese to take care of on our own. Check out the evidence of our revelry below, and make sure to come out to our Spring Happy Hour if you’re in town.

In the background you get a tiny peek at our cheese game.

Oh! I forgot to mention our flowers. Adelle and Alisa hiked up to the flower district to hand-select flowers and then craft beautiful bouquets.

That’s me in the background, deep into discussion, and enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Evidence of revelry.

A good-looking crowd, enjoying some tasty cheese!

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    By: Jake Tempchin

    Jake likes tandem bike rides and books on tape.

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