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Introducing a New Template with Rakuten Essential

This March,, one of the internet’s leading e-commerce sites, hosted their annual Super Sale. We helped generate excitement by launching daily Super Sale roundups on Rakuten Essential, the Tidal-powered blogger-based offshoot.

The roundups showed off our new, robust template—top blog posts are highlighted along with immaculate feature images as well as related products. The result is an editorial layout that naturally drives views, shares and clicks. Each daily roundup pertained to a sale theme—sports, gadgets, spring time—and pulled in posts by a variety of bloggers who specialize in everything from menswear to DIY home projects. Product images float underneath with direct links to buy.

These new roundups reflect a growing trend: the move toward native advertising and consumer engagement through curated content. Essential’s roundups incorporate personal stories, product reviews, and creative editorial essays that inspire readers to interact. We’re excited to launch similar roundups across our platforms in the months to come.


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