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Teen Vogue Supports Aspiring Fashionistas with FashionClick Community

Teen Vogue is upping their game when it comes to cultivating fashion talent. The powerhouse publisher, Teen Vogue, is harnessing a following of over 7,000 aspiring fashion bloggers by launching contests and awarding success via the Tidal network.

Teen Vogue Fashion Click

Blogging is a start-up, a creative model that has flourished in recent years. Numerous top-end fashion bloggers have broken onto the fashion scene, creating influential posts that reach thousands, if not millions of followers, like Bryanboy, Leandra Medine and Elizabeth Minett. But what about all the others who are just beginning their fashion blog careers? Teen Vogue’s community page, Fashion Click, hopes to engage that blossoming community of creators. Starting this week, all 7,000+ Fashion Click registrants—plus anyone who wishes to join—can participate in contests and challenges for the chance to be published and awarded prestigious badges like “Editor’s Favorite”, “Jeans Queen” or “Star Student” that set them apart from the crowd. Any contributor published to or will receive the “Blogger to Watch” badge, putting them on the road to becoming a full time Fashion Click Blogger.

Teen Vogue Fashion Blogger

Any user with a Fashion Click Blogger badge can submit any content—related or unrelated to current contests or challenges—to Fashion Click, essentially giving the most impressive young fashionistas a new audience and platform for their crowd-drawing, high-quality content. This setup encourages users to submit their best writing and fashion photography in efforts to move up the ranks, and provide Teen Vogue with new, inspiring content.

With the new, incentivizing layout, Teen Vogue is engaging their passionate community, generating focused content, and potentially giving rise to a new group of fashion blogger all-stars.

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