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Tidal Influencer Community Reaches 50,000 Users

This week, we reached a milestone that we’re pretty proud of—50,000 users are now part of the Tidal community. And more are joining everyday. Though the math isn’t out on the influence of those 50k, let’s just assume their total combined social followings equal—I don’t know—11 trillion people.

But all conservative estimates aside, our community features an array of pretty amazing creators, from up-and-coming fashionistas, to dedicated parents, to skilled journalists and videographers. The amount of talent contained within this digital community astounds us on a daily basis, so we’d like to give a major thank you to all the creative people who made this achievement possible.

Diverse Voices

The beauty of our network lies in the diversity of voices among our creators. Take our recently launched TODAY Show parenting network for example, which includes passionate voices from co-hosts on the show, plus self-proclaimed supermoms and dads. The community comes together to share parenting advice and the essential learnings from raising children.

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Next, there’s the army of fashionistas in our Lucky Community—perhaps the complete opposite of parenting bloggers, unless you equate properly changing a diaper to achieving eyebrow synergy. These voices shout their personalized style advice from the rooftops, urging readers to embrace the art of clothes-hoarding and the lifestyle that comes with a dedication to looking fabulous.

Elsewhere, home decor and DIY aficionados collect the moods of their dream homes in our network for Architectural Digest, sharing everything from stately manors and modern luxury to understated elegance.

And then, of course, there’s our Marketplace, which compiles endlessly interesting ideas of modern creativity, including viral art projects, video love letters to the automobile, and fashion advice for broke Millennials.

Considering the wealth of diverse creative ideas our current members of Tidal offer, we can’t help but dream of what the next 50,000 brings. Stay tuned.

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