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Tidal Labs Joins MRY Panel on “The New Breed of Influencer Marketing”

On Tuesday, June 30th Tidal Labs CEO Matt Myers will be joining a speaking panel at renowned agency MRY to discuss “The New Breed of Influencer Marketing.” The event will be part of MRY’s Social Media Day 2015, an occasion dedicated to the celebration and analysis of the latest trends in social.

The panel will address the changing face of the influencer marketing field. At Tidal, we find ourselves right the midst of this rapidly growing niche—though, perhaps, that term soon won’t apply, as more and more brands partner with influencers to reach new and relevant audiences through social campaigns.

With this, the key metric of the industry has always been follower counts, or “reach,” but on Tuesday’s panel, the discussion will revolve around how this mentality is changing. Social reach is no longer of chief importance, when compared to less quantifiable KPIs like creator authenticity and audience engagement.

Thus, the new breed of influencer marketing.

Joining Matt Myers on the roundtable discussion is Andrew Steinthal, Co-Founder of The Infatuation, a well-known food blog, and Mike Perry, a designer and artist.

The event begins at 12:00pm in NYC. Keep an eye on the Tidal Labs Twitter account and MRY’s page for coverage (#SocialMediaDay2015). 

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