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Tidal Labs Scales Influencer Marketing CaaS Platform Achieves Significant Company Growth During 2016

Year-Over-Year Growth Driven by Brand Client Wins, New CaaS Platform Developments and the Growth of its Influencer and Micro-Influencer Community

Tidal Labs’ client base doubled in 2016, with the now-profitable company adding business in new categories such as travel/hospitality and consumer food products. In conjunction with its rapid client and revenue growth, Tidal Labs has introduced several upgrades to its technology platform, including advanced reporting on views and engagements across every blog platform and six social networks and deeper support for enterprise integrations. Tidal Labs’ real-time reporting now connects with Google Analytics to include additional audience demographic data, includes campaign-level reporting on top performing posts, and provides deeper engagement analysis on influencers. Enterprise integrations allow influencers, and their data, to be imported from or exported to nearly any third-party platform.

A new white-label Influencer Hub product helps brands develop deeper, lasting relationships with influencers. Combined with enterprise integrations, brands can now manage influencer relationships across various initiatives and company objectives, including the brand’s own rewards and advocacy programs.

“The growth we experienced in 2016 validates our model and focus on providing advanced tools to help brands solve the challenges today’s complex influencer marketing environment presents,” said Matthew Myers, CEO of Tidal Labs. “Tidal Labs’ success in 2016 is due in large part to our ability to predict and solve challenges for our customers. Unlike competitors, Tidal Labs allows clients to own their influencer relationships and tap into existing customer lists and other systems through enterprise integrations. Our goal is to continue to deliver technological solutions that create lasting value and keep our clients ahead of their competition.”

“Machine learning and enterprise support have helped Tidal Labs to differentiate our capabilities with influencer recommendations and matching solutions. By leveraging machine learning, brands can find the right influencers and engage with them, incentivizing them through payment, gifting, events, dependent on a client’s needs,” added Burak Kanber, Tidal Labs’ founder and CTO.

Fortune 500 brands leverage Tidal Labs’ technology to connect to relevant influencers for marketing campaigns. Currently, Tidal Labs has over 600,000 macro and micro-influencers as part of its CreatorExchange network, offering brands and publishers a seamless way to maintain their own private-labelled network of influencers. Clients are able to build their branded influencer network via existing customers, on-site signup forms and by tapping select existing members of the CreatorExchange network. Tidal Labs manages influencer networks for top companies such as Clarins USA and the TODAY Show, among others.

This article originally appeared on PR Newswire in March 2017

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