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Crain’s New York on Tidal: ‘Creatives Cut Out the Middle Man’

Over the past few weeks, Matthew Flamm of Crain’s New York Business spent some time with the Tidal team, some of our amazing creators, and even our clients. As a result, he proclaimed: “Creatives come up with campaigns that are better than the pros.” And we couldn’t agree more.

‘Tidal Marketplace reflects the rapidly changing climate for online advertising’ – Crain’s

In his article (released last week), Flamm highlighted the unique nature of our new marketplace, where creators come first in the creative process. Flamm met with three of Tidal’s best creators, Jenny Schweitzer, Jeff Smith, and Rebecca Smeyne All three extolled the virtues of working in an environment more welcoming to creativity.

Our new marketplace is already breeding a variety of creative projects from Schweitzer’s epic documentary on New York City Subway musicians to Jeff Smith’s understated series on experiencing high class on a budget.

And then there’s Rebecca, a photojournalist fluent in the world of freelance editorial, with plans to market her ability to meld culture, style, and music into one. During the many conversations surrounding the Crain’s story, perhaps she said it best:

“This is the kind of work I want to do, but I’d be getting paid exponentially more for it,” she said. “If you can bring those two things together, it’s good for everyone.”

The article ended with this great quote by friend of Tidal, Michael Bassik, President of Global Digital Operations at marketing agency MDC Partners:

“There is a big opportunity for agencies to use the Marketplace to showcase their creativity and bold thinking directly to [clients]. The need for high-quality, authentic brand content has never been greater, and Tidal influencers can produce that content in a more authentic way than ever before.”

Indeed, the dreams of our creators play a big role in the Marketplace vision. Their ideas—whether crazy or tame—fuel the ongoing push to shake things up in digital media and advertising.

This month, we’ll be celebrating these ideas by highlighting Tidal creators here on our blog (including extended interviews with all those above), on our Instagram page, and, as always, on Tidal Marketplace.

For more, check out the full story in Crain’s New York below.

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    By: Matt Myers

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