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Tidal Marketplace Puts Creative Control in the Hands of Influencers

This article originally appeared in ADWEEK in March 2016

Rather than working from briefs created by brands and marketing agencies, Tidal lets creative influencers pitch their own projects and maintain creative control.

Content marketing, influencer marketing, and high quality video content have all been predicted as big marketing trends for 2015. YouTube has already realized the benefits of connecting brands to their top creators, as it delves deeper into influencer marketing. A new service called Tidal Marketplace aims to flip the content marketing dynamic by allowing creators of high quality content to pitch directly to marketers.

According to the official statement:

Creators now have the opportunity to offer turnkey projects to brands for purchase. And brands get instant access to content projects from talented creators that they can turn into high-performing campaigns. It’s marketing reimagined through the authentic stories of creative individuals.

The marketplace allows content creators to give details for their project, such as outlines, aims, and biographical detail of the participants in the project. The Better Man project from Airows is a prime example of how the service works. Brands will be able to connect with creators to negotiate sponsorships for turnkey projects, but most of the creative control will remain in the hands of the creators.

This creative control is what will result in the most authentic content, according to Airows founder Jack Archer:

Instead of being handed a brief to fulfill, I have the chance to present my ideas on what content will work best for my readers and really showcase strengths. That means final projects coming out of the Tidal Marketplace are going to be so much more organic, true to publishers like Airows, and, in turn, get way more eyeballs, ultimately generating a better product.

Users are notorious for avoiding ads, but they tend to favor influencer marketing, as they rely on advice from social media and from peers online when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

Remaining authentic to the audience is a prime concern of influencers, so giving creators more leverage when cutting deals with brands also allows them to protect their personal brand. With Tidal Marketplace, creators are able to remain authentic, while delivering results for marketers.


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